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About us

GoodZone Club is a European-level beach complex located in one of the most picturesque places in Zatoka.

A boundless sandy strip, own fully-equipped beach, a range of pools — all this is by the Black Sea.

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GoodZone Club & Panorama hotel

1. Reservation terms

1.1 Reservation at GoodZone Club Hotel is carried out by sending a reservation request to the Hotel reservation department on www.goodzoneclub.com, e-mail [email protected], by phone +38 096 6 000 000, VIBER +38 096 6 000 000, as well at the reception desk of the Hotel.

1.2 After receiving the request, the Hotel assigns it a reference number, which is sent to the client later in the email for future correspondence.

1.3 Reservation request must include the following information:

* Full name of the Guest;

* The arrival and departure date and time;

* Type and number of rooms;

* Number of adults,

* Numbers of children and their age;

1.4 If the Guest does not provide the information specified in clause 1.3 of these terms, the Hotel reserves the right to refuse confirmation of the reservation request.

1.5 Within the next 24 hours from receiving the reservation request, the Hotel either confirms the reservation or denies the request. In case of confirmation of the reservation request, the Hotel will send the Guest a confirmation message. If there are no rooms on the specified by the Guess dates, the Hotel notifies the Guess about the denial of his or her request. These messages shall be sent to the Guest by fax or email.

1.6 The hotel confirms the reservation request only if there are free rooms of the specified type in the Hotel.

1.7 From the moment of the confirmation of the reservation request and send a confirmation message to the Guest, the room is considered pre-booked.

1.8 Within one business day, the Hotel sends to the Guest a standard contract for the provision of hotel services, in which the parties agree on the payment terms, the list of services, etc. The room is considered guaranteed reserved upon receipt of prepayment in the bank account or in cash at the desk of the Hotel.

By making a prepayment, the client agrees to the reservation terms specified in the contract!!!

2. Guaranteed reservation

2.1 A reservation is considered guaranteed upon making a prepayment by the Guest for the Hotel services by the invoice.

2.2 The guaranteed reservation of a room confirmed by the Hotel is valid until 12 pm on the day following the scheduled check-in day. Payment for the first day of stay shall be charged in full, regardless of the time of check-in. If the guest arrives after 12 pm on the day following the scheduled check-in day, he or she will be accommodated on a first-come basis if there are free rooms available.

2.3 Any other methods of reservation of hotel services by the Guest are considered non-guaranteed. The Hotel Administration reserves the right to cancel a non-guaranteed reservation if necessary. The reservation is valid until 6 pm on the check-in day unless a different arrival time is indicated in the reservation request.

3. Check-in and Check-out

3.1 Guests can check-in from 3 pm local time on the scheduled arrival day. Check-out time is 11 am local time.

3.2 Check-in from 6 am to 11 am is considered early and is charged 50% of the room rate per day. Check-in before 6 am is charged a full room rate per day.

3.4 Check-out after 11 am is considered late. In this case, an additional fee will be charged as follows:

* Check-out before 6 pm is charged 50% of the room rate per day;

* Check-out after 6 pm is charged a full room rate per day.

3.5 The contract for the provision of hotel services comes to an end at 11 am on the departure day.

3.6 During the check-in procedure, the Guest shows his or her passport or driving license to the hotel administrator, makes the remaining payment for the entire period of stay; shows the confirmation message sent by the Hotel.

3.7 If necessary to extend the staying period at the Hotel, the Guest can contact the Reception and Accommodation Service no later than 24 hours before the end of the staying period. If there are no free rooms available, the staying period may not be extended. For extending the staying period, the Guest must notify the Administration about the intention and pay for the extension of the staying period.

4. Payments

4.1 Payment for hotel services is equal to 100% of the room rate per day, which guarantees to the Guest the availability of the room from 3 pm of the scheduled check-in day to 11 am on the next day regardless of the check in time. The hotel does not charge for booking.

4.2 On the arrival day, after signing the contract, the Guest makes a 100% payment for the entire staying period by the invoice.

4.3 Payment for hotel services is made in Ukrainian hryvnias. It is possible to use one of the following payment methods:

* Bank transfer to the Hotel’s bank account indicated in the contract;

* Cash;

* Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

4.4 The payment method chosen by the Guest is indicated in the reservation request and must be confirmed by the Hotel.

4.5 The final payment for hotel services is made during the check-in procedure.

5. Cancellation of Reservation

5.1 The cancellation of confirmed reservation is considered a reduction in the number of Guests, full or partial cancellation of the services specified in the reservation request.

5.2 The reservation request can be canceled by the Guest only in writing notice sent by fax or email.

5.3 Regardless of the payment arrangements, the Guest has the right to cancel his or her reservation request no later than 14 (fourteen) calendar days, i.e. no later than 14 days before the arrival date. If the reservation is canceled later than 14 calendar days before the arrival date or if the Guest does not arrive, a penalty of 100 (one hundred) % of the prepayment will not be refunded.

GoodZone Club & Panorama hotel

1. Rules

1. Check-in time is 3 pm. Check-out time is 11 am.

Please note that early check-in and late check-out are available on request and at an additional cost. Early check-in and late check-out are charged 50% of the room rate per day. Clients much find out whether there is the possibility of early check-in or late check-out beforehand.

2. The Guest shall show his or her passport or another identity document to the administrator for check-in and pay for hotel services, after which he or she receives the key to the room.

3. If the guest refuses to stay in the complex on the arrival day or during the staying period, payment shall not be refunded.

2. Room and Property

1. After accessing the room and its property, it is necessary to use it carefully in order to avoid damage and to return it in the same condition. In case of damaged or lost property, the administration has the right to charge the guest amount equal to the value of the property.

Please use towels, bathrobes and bed linen only for their intended purpose!

If dirty stains are found on towels, bathrobes or a bed, the guest will be charged the dry cleaning costs.

2. Comply with the accommodation rules, be mutually polite with other guests and the administration of the complex. In case of disruption of public order, the administration has the right to ask you to leave the hotel.

3. It is forbidden to use power strips and extension cords, powerful electrical appliances.

4. Do not leave cold, hot water taps open unless necessary. It is forbidden to leave them open after leaving the room.

5. Pets are not allowed. The administrator has the right to refuse check-in with animals, even if prepayment has already been made!

6. No smoking in rooms. The smoking area is on the terrace of the rooms.

3. Jacuzzi Rules:

The following actions are forbidden in Jacuzzi:

1. Jump in the Jacuzzi from the side.

2. Use aromatic oils, soap, foaming and cleaning agents.

3. Pour in any other liquid (water, alcohol, juices, etc.).

4. Drain Jacuzzi.

5. Wear bathrobes and towels.

6. Throw any food items.

7. Drink water from the Jacuzzi.

4. The administrator has the right to refuse check-in in the following cases:

1. Guests do not have identity documents, documents are invalid or expired, or there is a suspicion that the documents are falsified;

2. There is no payment for the room made in the prescribed manner and in the required amount;

3. The Guest is drunk or under the influence of narcotic substances, exhibits antisocial or aggressive behavior;

4. The Guest arrives with an animal.

5. The Guest refuses to comply with the hotel rules.

In case of damaging the property of the complex or its rooms, a penalty will be charged in the amount of the damage caused!

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