Rest in Zatoka 2020

Zatoka is the heart of tourism and recreation in the Odessa region. It is 60 km away from Odessa. The beaches of the resort lie along the spit that separates the Dniester Estuary and the Black Sea. This resort has wide sandy beaches. It is suitable for children since the gently sloping sea bottom is convenient for little tourists. On many beaches, you can sunbathe under a beach umbrella or awning as well as rent a sun lounger. Convenient infrastructure, good climate, wide beaches, clean sea, and closeness to Odessa are the reasons why more and more people choose to come to Zatoka. The tourist season lasts here from May to September. Some guest houses of the resort are open all year round, so it is possible to enjoy the sea air and the sea views in Zatoka at any time. In summer, the air and water temperatures on the Black Sea coasts of the resort are 25-28 and 19-23 degrees respectively.

How to Find Accommodation in Zatoka without Intermediaries?

When it comes to accommodation, you can enjoy great value for money in Zatoka. There are offers for both “budget” and “luxury” tourists. The resort has a wide range of accommodations of the “room to spend the night” type or for VIP holidays. It is possible to find cheap vacation accommodation without intermediates in the inner suburbs. For a comfortable stay, there are chic rooms with delicious foods, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, barbecue, tennis courts, terraces, and other amenities.

Lots of tourists prefer to relax in Zatoka in a pool. ВAfter all, it is very convenient and if there are storms and big waves in the sea, you can swim in the pool. Therefore, many hotels provide swimming pools with sun loungers, umbrellas, relaxing music and cooling beverages in their grounds. The GoodZone Club Hotel located on the first line is an excellent option. It has 4 pools, a private white sandy beach, bungalows and sun loungers. There is also a restaurant located on the hotel’s site, or you can relax in the heated Jacuzzi. Another advantage of the GoodZone Club is an 18-meter long pool bar.

Entertainments in Zatoka

Those who prefer various activities will easily find an interesting activity on the beach. For children there is an amusement park in Zatoka or a new modern water park "Zatoka" of 8 hectares. The water park has more than ten adult and children's slides and swimming pools. Also, there is a restaurant and a playground for children. An adult ticket to the water park costs about 600 UAH, a child ticket is 500 UAH, and it is free for toddlers. Prices for attractions at the amusement park range between 30 to 100 UAH.

Holidays on the Black Sea in Zatoka

During your holidays on the Black Sea in Zatoka, you will not get bored. The entertainers of some hotels conduct training sessions for adults and children right on the beach, organize sports contests, relay races, and crazy & lazy games. Exciting evening events by the sea often attract a lot of spectators. Also, there are outdoor performance stages, lounge areas, bars, sports grounds, and cozy gazebos on the beach where you can have a great time not only during the day but also in the evening.

Everyone can enjoy a quiet walk along the estuary or the sea, see the Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi fortress in the twinkling evening lights. Many pleasure boats offer such excursions. Also, from Zatoka, you can also take a tourist bus to Odessa or Shabo.

отдых в аквапарке затоки

Young people who love the thrill will enjoy different water activities, such as:

  • slides of different heights;
  • paddleboats;
  • jet skis;
  • banana boats, water tubes;
  • flight by parachute or hang gliding.

Prices for water rides start at 100 UAH.

центральная аллея затоки

Evening walks along the busy central avenue will bring a lot of pleasure to both children and adults. Here you can visit a shooting gallery, take a ride on a carousel, and go to the 5D-cinema. The cheerful atmosphere of the evening beach resort will bring no less pleasure than relaxing on the beach and swimming in the warm sea.

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